Tooele mother arrested for meth exposure to child

Tooele mother arrested for meth exposure to child. (Photo courtesy Tooele County Jail)

(KUTV) — A Tooele woman is in police custody after her daughter drank a beverage with methamphetamine in it.

On Dec. 30, 2017, a 3-year-old child with meth in her system arrived at Mountain West Medical Center Emergency Room in Tooele City. Hospital personnel reported the matter to Grantsville City police.

Police arrived at the hospital and questioned the child's legal guardian, who was the child's grandmother.

The grandmother said the child was acting weird, and when she asked why, her daughter and son, who are also the victim's aunt and uncle, claimed the child started to act weird after drinking from a water bottle with soda in it.

Detectives responded and arrested Danny Black, the victim's uncle. He was detailed after saying he had recently used meth.

After having his Miranda rights read to him, Black said his sisters Lucinda and Ashley Black gave him meth, and that the bottle belonged to Lucinda or Ashley. He claimed that his sisters would often mix drinks with meth in them, a police document says.

Based on this, Lucinda and Ashley Black were brought to the Police Department. All three suspects were interviewed.

"Ashley lied to me at first, then after she gave us a urine sample, that had a positive test result for Methamphetamine, she began to tell me the truth" Detective Lydon Allred said in a police document.

Ashley said she gave her sister Lucinda meth, and a short time later Lucinda arrived at her mother's house with a water bottle filled with soda. Ashley said she knew there was meth in it, a police document says.

After a few minutes, Lucinda became distressed as she searched for her bottle, because they could not find it.

Ashley stated that at this time her brother Danny went into the bathroom for "a long time." The water bottle was later found in the bathroom, empty, after Danny left the bathroom, Ashley said in the interview.

Danny later denied having ever gone into the bathroom, but after Detective Allred told him that his mother and father claimed he did, he changed his story to say that he did visit the bathroom.

Ashley said that Lucinda asked her to put a small baggie of meth in Danny's pocket, in order to frame him as responsible for Lucinda's child consuming a drink with meth in it.

All subjects in the home gave a urine sample. Only Lucinda, Ashley, and Danny tested positive for methamphetamine.

"After talking to all three subjects, they all tried to deceive me and blame it on each other," Detective Allred said, "but I was able to show that Ashley gave the meth to Lucinda and that Lucinda put it in a bottle, which she took to her mother's where the 3-year-old consumed the meth by accident."

According to a police document, Allred also learned that at one point Danny took what was left in the bottle and took it to the bathroom to drink the rest of it.

"Lucinda also lied to me several times and kept changing her story, to make it appear as if she was not involved," Allred said, "but I was able to show she was."

Based on this information, Allred arrested Lucinda for felony child endangerment and child abuse, a police document says.

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