Utah community hurting after LDS leader, father of 7, killed in crash

Town hurting after LDS leader, father of 7, killed in crash (Photo: Utah Highway Patrol)

(KUTV) The Southern Utah town of Veyo is hurting tonight after one of their own was killed in a brutal car crash Saturday morning.

Darrin Ivie, 53, who was an LDS ward leader and father of seven kids, was driving on State Route 18 towards St. George. His pickup truck swerved over the center line causing a semi, in the oncoming lane, to crash into his vehicle.

Sgt. Larry Mower with the Utah Highway Patrol said the semi-truck driver was caught completely off guard.

“The guy came into his path so quickly he barely had time to react,” Mower said. Truck was believed to be moving at approximately 50 to 60 miles per hour on impact.

Both vehicles were completely destroyed.

Mower said the same stretch of highway has probably seen four serious crashes like this recently.

Ivie’s family, friends and members of his church all spoke out today. To hear what kind of man they said he was and how he impacted their lives watch the news story above.

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