Trailer filled with racing gear, decades of memories, stolen from driveway

Trailer filled with racing gear, decades of memories stolen (Photo: Surveillance photo)

(KUTV) Randy Mitchell parked his racing trailer on his driveway for nearly 30 years without a problem – until Monday when it was stolen while his neighbors watched.

Someone, driving a white pick-up backed into his driveway, hooked up to the trailer and in a matter of seconds, drove off with it, despite the fact that the axle and wheels were tied to metal cables to avoid a theft.

A neighbor’s security camera got a couple of good shots of the thief’s truck.

Neighbors were already on the lookout for the truck because they suspected it was involved in other thefts in the neighborhood.

For Mitchell, who has been kart racing for years with his family, the trailer is not only valuable for what it’s worth in dollars, it represents years of memories of racing with his kids Dustin and Abbey.

“For me and my kids, racing was our life,” Mitchell said.

Racing is still a big part of his life, but everything changed in 1995 when Dustin died one day after winning a big race.

The day after the race, Dustin was a passenger in a car involved in a crash. He was the only one wearing a seat belt and the only one who died.

The stolen trailer is also a reminder of the old times when Mitchell raced with his son.

“It’s real important I get the trailer back because of that,” Mitchell said.

The trailer is all aluminum, it has doors on two sides and bears the Mitchell Racing team logo as well as other stickers from prior racing events.

The names of several sponsors are also on the trailer.

Anyone with information about the stolen trailer can call Unified Police Department. Mitchell will give a monetary reward to anyone who leads police to his trailer.

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