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Trump gets official presidential backing in Utah

Trump gets official presidential backing in Utah
Trump gets official presidential backing in Utah
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A new Utah Policy poll has Donald trump in third place -- something a grass-roots effort here in Utah hopes to change.

A group of Utah businessmen, veterans and outdoor enthusiasts, gathered to officially form a Trump for President campaign here in Utah.

The younger Trump was in Utah a week ago for the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo where he spoke to a large group of outdoorsman from across the west. He spoke about his love for the great outdoors, his father's desire to protect their rights and then stuck around to enjoy Utah's vast wilderness.

During Trump's time in Utah, he also gathered support for his dad's campaign and created new fans of his family.

"I have found that some of the best friendships I've made over my life and my career have been around the campfire."

Trump received a standing ovation from the crowd where he spoke of the rights many in the room hold dear.

"We are coming to a critical time in this country; there are a lot of things going wrong. Our traditions are being attacked, people are trying to take away our rights, take access to land, our ability to own firearms."

Trump spoke of his summers growing up with his grandfather where he was told to go outside and play in the woods "until dark."

"I know the benefits I got from being in the woods, from being in a duck blind or in a tree-stand at five in the morning. It kept me out of so much trouble."

Now as a father to five young children, Trump told the Utah crowd, "I want to make sure that lifestyle, those great American traditions are there for our kids, for their kids behind them and for all future generations."

Trump and his family stuck around long enough to ski at Sundance resort in Utah County, fish the Provo river, do a little hunting and talk policy.

Utah Senate majority leader Ralph Okerlund, a Republican, represents 10 counties in rural Utah and says of the older Trump "he really resonates with my district." A district made up of blue collar families who work the land and work with their hands to make a living.

Donald Peay, a Utah businessman spoke on the steps of the Utah Capitol this morning said, "You need to look at how the Trumps run their business, they are very frugal, they do not waste their money or other people's money."

Sen. Stuart Adams backs Trump because of his experience in business, something he believes will help the national economy.

"Government is not the answer, the answer is trying to make private industry and the private sector do well, I think Donald Trump understands that."

Retired four star Air Force General Robert Oaks sees Donald Trump as a Commander In Chief.

"As a veteran" he says "we need a Commander In Chief, the Commander In Chief who sees every single service member as a father, a brother, a mother and sister who is sworn to give their life in the defense of his country." Oaks told a crowd today "I believe Donald Trump will be that man."

This group backing Trump will work to solidify support ahead of the March 22 Republican caucus, though at this point there is not a plan for a formal office.

The race for Utah's presidential favorite is a tight one. A new survey finds Ted Cruz in first with 18 percent of the vote. Marco Rubio is next with 17 percent and Trump in third with 13 percent. Fifteen percent of Utah voters say they did not know.

Among Utah Republicans, Rubio is tops with 24 percent, Cruz has 22 percent, and Trump is at 18 percent. Eleven percent say they are undecided.

Utah's primary is closed and Democrats cannot vote for a Republican on March 22 and vice versa. Republicans can vote online as opposed to attending the Caucus. To register go to

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