Twin moms and former White House and Capitol Hill staffers start civics and civility blog

(KUTV) — Twin sisters Andrea Candrian Reeve and Brittany Candrian Richman have a lot of titles between them.

They're former White House and Capitol Hill staffers, mothers, Utahns and self-appointed political junkies. And over a month ago, the sisters added bloggers to that list.

Candrian Reeve and Candrian Richman — both from Utah — began their website The American Moms on Jan. 20 to help other mothers teach their children about "civics and civility" and raising kids "to be big proponents of both."

In a phone interview with 2News, Candrian Richman said she and her sister had been thinking of starting a blog for years, but that the contentious nature of the recent election inspired them to finally get it running.

"After the election, things were so controversial and the way people were treating one another was such a big problem," Candrian Richman said. "Mommy blogs and fashion blogs are certainly important in their own way, but we wanted to create something important in a different way."

She said that she had previously spoken with other mothers about falling out of the political loop for fear of rude interactions both online and in the real world and that she wanted to create something that would help moms — and their children — approach news and politics in a kind and informed manner.

She said she and her sister had the background to do so.

Candrian Richman started as a political aide on President George W. Bush's re-election campaign and eventually moved to the White House, where she worked on speech writing for the president. She and her family now live in Rapid City, South Dakota, with their three kids.

Her twin sister, Candrian Reeve, started as a reporter in Washington, Florida and Washington, D.C., where she worked on Capitol Hill. She now lives in Richland, Washington, with her husband and their two daughters.

Those backgrounds and their experiences in the field contributed to the duo's decision, Candrian Richman said. She cited one parent she met in her line of work that she said serves as an example of someone she and her sister would like to highlight on their blog.

"I was inspired, in particular, by a man who's wife had recently died." she said. "He came into our Nevada office during Bush's reelection campaign and said he was so grateful for something to do that took he and his kids' minds of their mother. Since then, I've wanted to do something that help parents keep their and their kids minds sharp."

Now, a month into operation, the blog features blog posts exploring the history of the first five presidents of the United States and entries that focus on speaking with children about service, current events and more.

It's not all news and politics, however. The sisters mix up their content by posting activities for parents and kids, like this recipe for Abraham Lincoln’s Cornmeal "Rail Splitters’" or this one for George Washington’s Onion Soup.

The message, however, stays clear throughout the blog, Candrian Richman said.

"We want kids to learn that it doesn't matter what political party you're a part of," she said. "We all have more in common than we do otherwise."

Since its launch, Candrian Richman said she's received positive responses. Her son's first grade teacher told her she was sending the blog to all her friends, and former first lady Laura Bush liked the blog's very first post on Instagram.

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