Utah bill would rename highway after Donald J. Trump

Utah bill would rename Highway after Trump (File Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Efforts to rename a section of Utah highway after President Donald J. Trump is being met with strong opposition from Democrats in the Utah House.

H.B. 481, sponsored by Rep. Michael E. Noel (R-Kanab), would rename The Utah National Parks Highway to the "Donald J. Trump Utah National Parks Highway."

The bill would also require the Department of Transportation to install signage to reflect the change.

Utah Democrats were quick to denounce the bill.

“Democrats are opposed to renaming one of Utah’s most beautiful scenic routes after an American president who has: openly bragged about sexually assaulting women; normalized lying and demonizing the press; failed to denounce dangerous hate groups; shown little integrity; shown more loyalty to Russia than to the United States; and who has shown contempt towards immigrants, minority groups, and anyone who does not share his nationalistic, zero-sum view of the world," House Minority Leader Brian King (D-Salt Lake City) said.

You can read the entire bill below to see the sections of road that would be impacted by the proposed legislation.

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