Utah boy with cystic fibrosis granted wish: to be a garbage man

Utah boy with cystic fibrosis granted wish: to be a garbage man (Photo: Randy Likness / KUTV)

(KUTV) A dream came true when Utah’s Make-A-Wish Foundation granted a West Valley City boy the dearest wish of his heart: A day in the life of a garbage man.

Utah's Waste Management company teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to bring a smile to Austin Trusty.

Austin has cystic fibrosis, a "progressive genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time," according to the CF Foundation. Austin goes through treatments twice a day to clear his lungs of mucus. His medications cost the family thousands of dollars a year.

Today those problems were far from the Trusty family's minds. Mom and dad knew a surprise was coming, and they couldn’t wait to see their son's face.

Austin loves garbage, garbage cans and garbage trucks. When Brad Kloos with Waste Management knocked on the family's door and asked for Austin, there was an ear-to-ear smile.

Austin was given a chance to run his neighborhood route as co-pilot of the same truck he races after every Monday.

“When I don't have school, I chase that one around my neighborhood,” Austin said.

“Monday morning comes around; it's garbage day," said his dad. "In the summer he will get up, hear the garbage truck, race outside and follow the truck around the neighborhood.”

The West Valley City area Waste Management crews know and love Austin. Tuesday, they let him in on their secrets of how to make sure the cans are empty and how you tell if they’re heavy. Watching the giant robotic arms sent Austin into fits of laughter. He was watching the process inside the cab with a camera showing the driver exactly what was getting dumped.

The day was a dream come true for Austin and for the Waste Management team. Kloos said the look on Austin's face is something he’ll “never forget,” calling it "a proud moment for me and my company.”

The crowd who gathered to watch the big event didn't have to ask Austin about his favorite part. It was, hands down, watching the contents of each can spill out into the truck.

Did he have fun?

“Well, duh” he said.

“This was a dream come true for him," Austin's mom said. "How often does a kid get to sit in a garbage truck?” She noted the family would “be hearing about it for a while.”

Austin will also be going to Disney World thanks to Make-A-Wish. It is something that would not be in the cards because of high medication costs that control the family budget.

If you're wondering what Austin is looking forward to most in Florida? Crowds. He loves being with a lot of people.

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