Police honor Utah cop who responded to school shooting situation involving his son

"We couldn't be happier that no one was hurt at Mueller Park Jr. High today. Great work by everyone involved," Centerville Police posted on Facebook. (Photo: Centerville Police Department.

(KUTV) -- The Centerville Police Department is remembering a tense active shooter situation at a junior high school in Bountiful.

Police shared this photo on Facebook which shows a Centerville officer with his son, who attended Mueller Park Junior High School, where a student brought a gun to school two years ago, on December 1, 2016.

"This picture was taken two years ago today. The Centerville officer in the picture responded to a junior high school in Bounitiful where his son went to school on a report of an active shooter," the Facebook post stated. "Another student at the school had brought a gun to school. That student’s father realized something was wrong and quickly went to the school, found his son and tackled him just as the son fired off the first shot. You can imagine what this officer was feeling as he was responding to the very school his son attended on an active shooter call. We are so glad no one was hurt that day."

The student who brought the gun to school pleaded guilty in February 2017.

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