Utah couple to stop adoption, return baby Kaylee to biological mother

    Utah couple to stop adoption, return baby Kaylee to biological mother (Photo courtesy: Colby Nielsen)

    (KUTV) A Utah couple has decided not to go through with an adoption after the baby's biological father alleged the adoption was happening against his will.

    But this fight is far from over.

    Colby Nielsen, 20, of Lewiston, Utah, told 2News last week he was forced to hand over his two-week-old child, Kaylee, to prospective adoptive parents despite the fact that he wanted to raise the girl himself.

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    "I'd do anything I could for her," Nielsen told 2News Friday, adding that his family hired an attorney to get the baby returned.

    Now, the adoptive couple says they will return the baby to the biological mother and relinquish any custodial rights.

    "We believe the couple, if unfettered by legality and other pressures, will be able to decide what is best for Kaylee," said the couple, who asked not to be named due to the amount of backlash they have received from this situation. "This is how the situation should have always been resolved."

    Nielsen alleged the 19-year old mother - his former girlfriend - began the adoption process with little or no notice to him.

    But the former adoptive parents, who also live in northern Utah, told 2News that is not true.

    "We met with him multiple times prior to the adoption taking place," the would-be adoptive father said. He said Nielsen seemed fine with the adoption and never expressed an unwillingness to go through with it.

    "This has attacked me and my family," the former adoptive father said. "We have received quite a bit of hate mail" since the story came out last week.

    Nielsen and his attorney, Wes Hutchins, insist this adoption was not consented to. They also say Nielsen met with the biological mother Monday evening and she refused to return the child.

    "We have made numerous demands to have Kaylee returned to Colby where she was before she was illegally taken," Hutchins said. "But those demands have fallen on deaf ears."

    The former adoptive parents declined to say any more. They also said they would not speak on camera about the situation.

    "We have always wanted what is best for Kaylee," the former adoptive couple said in their statement. "Had we known that all parties were not in agreement in these regards, the adoption never would have taken place. We have hope that this may yet be a happy story for Kaylee and her biological parents."

    Nielsen and his attorney say they plan to take this matter to court.

    "I just want to get my baby back," said Nielsen, tearfully. "That's all I want is for Kaylee to come home."

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