Utah drivers go from the worst to 3rd worst in the nation

Utah drivers go from the worst to 3rd worst in the nation! (Photo: QuoteWizard)

(KUTV)- Utah drivers, who were once ranked as the worst drivers in the nation, have slightly improved to third worst, according to a study by QuoteWizard, a website for comparing car insurance.

“Our 2016 state study put Utah firmly at number one as the worst drivers in America. This year they’ve managed to jump two spots down to third worst. Much better than first-worst — well done Utah!” said QuoteWizard.

The study is composed of data points nationally on things like car crashes, traffic tickets, and drunk driving.

This year, QuoteWizard said Utah improved in overall accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and traffic citations.

But, the study says, “the numbers don’t look pretty for Utah.” Utah is still ranked 13th worst for accidents, 11th worst for speeding and 7th worst for citations.

It noted that traffic deaths in the state have increased for four years in a row.

The two states that finished worse than Utah in this year’s rankings were California and Minnesota.

And the states with the best drivers? Mississippi, Florida and Rhode Island.

The study also found that Americans are driving more than ever before, causing more car crashes.

Another factor is distracted driving. According to the study, an estimated 666,000 people per day use an electronic device while driving, and "nearly 3,500 people died from distracted driving in 2015.”

View the full list of rankings, here.

CarInsuranceComparison.com also released their Worst Drivers NHTSA data-driven study. Utah ranks 50th worst (2nd best).

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