Utah executive charged for stealing $70,000 in frequent flyer credits

Utah executive charged for stealing $70,000 in frequent flyer credits

(KUTV) According to the Utah Attorney General's Office, they say that Cunningham sent an email to United Airlines after stealing the frequent flier credits, telling them they could fix their problem - if they sent him cash and a ticket around the world.

In 2012, officials say Cunningham hacked into the United Airlines website, stealing unused frequent flier miles and converting them under an alias. Of the 70,000 authorities allege he stole, they say he used 8,000 credits for personal travel and sold more than 60,000 on online classified ads.

Then, authorities say Cunningham emailed United Airlines informing them they had a massive hole in their site, and that he would help them fix the problem for $10,000 and first-class tickets around the world for him and his family.

Cunningham has always aimed high - in 2009, he ran for Provo Mayor while still a student at BYU.

But while six years ago he talked of eradicating crime, today he faces three felony charges: Hacking, theft and communication fraud.

Police have issued a warrant for Cunningham's arrest with bail set at $50,000.

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