Utah man charged with sodomy of a child who he allegedly married

    Utah man charged with sodomy of a child who he allegedly married (Photo: KUTV)

    SANPETE COUNTY, Utah (KUTV) — John Coltharp, who is accused of child kidnapping is now facing charges of sodomy of a child.

    According to Sanpete County Deputy Attorney, Kevin Daniels, Samuel Shaffer told detectives he was betrothed to Coltharp's daughter, and John Coltharp was betrothed to Shaffer's daughter. Both between the age of 7 or 8.

    Deputy Attorney Daniels also told 2News both Shaffer and Coltharp also allegedly married their own 4-year old daughters.

    "At this point, we don't have any evidence that the four-year-olds were abused but we will certainly investigate that to the fullest," Daniels said.

    During the interview, Shaffer admitted that as part of the process, he examined the genitals of Coltharp's daughter to confirm if her hymen was still intact. Shaffer claimed it was not.

    "Absolutely inappropriate behavior and our office will hold them accountable," Daniels said.

    On Dec. 5, 2017, a search warrant was served at three locations, including the storage containers used as their residence.

    One container was used by Coltharp's mother and the two boys, one was used by Coltharp and the girls, and the other was used by Shaffer and the girls. The other locations were a single, wide mobile home trailer where two of the children were located. The third area was called "the junkyard," which contained three Conex storage containers, according to court documents. This is the area in which the other two girls were found in 55-gallon blue water barrels.

    The search warrant requested to seize evidence such as computer equipment, digital storage, media storage, GPS units, surveillance equipment and mobile phones.

    Court documents say the evidence described will provide evidence of child kidnapping, child abuse, human child trafficking, child sexual assault, custodial interference, threats against life and unlawful detention.

    It's believed Samuel Shaffer belonged to a doomsday religious cult called The Knights of the Crystal Blade.

    "Sam Shaffer first started As the prophet then John Colthorp received a revelation that he was to be the new prophet, so he took over. John is currently the prophet," Daniels said.

    Daniels said the Sanpete County Attorney's office plans to file a sodomy of a child charge on Tuesday next week.

    With all the new details emerging and evidence to go through Daniels believes this case could last a while.

    "Due to its absolutely unusual circumstances and unusual personalities I think this is a very unique case and It will continue to unfold and details will continue to emerge," Daniels said.

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