Utah man returns to Texas with donations for flood victims

Utah man returns to Texas with donations for flood victims (Photo:KUTV)

(KUTV) Collin Kartchner, along with his wife Elizabeth, is on his way to Texas for the second time since Hurricane Harvey, to help victims who lost everything in the flooding.

Kartcher, who has a big following on Instagram, decided to auction a couple of small items to raise money for hurricane victims.

The effort snowballed in no time.

“I had no idea when I started this, how big it was going to get,” he said Friday as he sat at the Salt Lake International Airport waiting for his flight.

He said thanks to the generosity of his Instagram followers, he collected 100 thousand dollars for victims.

During his first trip to Texas, he found families who were displaced or hurt by the floods and handed people cash.

On his second trip, he said he will connect with the football coach at Refugio High School in the small town of Refugio near Corpus Christi.

Kartchner connected with the team’s coach, who said his players have lost their homes.

“He said these kids really had nothing and now they really have nothing,” he said of his conversation with the football coach.

The Kartchner’s said they will fly into San Antonio then drive 2.5 hours to Refugio to present the coach with a check for at least $20,000 – depending on the final sum of donations.

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