Utah mugshot going viral because 19-year-old appears to be much older

Utah mugshot going viral because 19-year-old appears to be much older. (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

Murad Kurbanov initially made news for allegedly stealing a U-Haul truck and running several red lights while evading police.

But now, the 19-year-old is in the news across the country because of his mugshot.

Almost all of the comments on our KUTV Facebook page's post about the crime were about Kurbanov's appearance.

Many of the post's 670+ comments and 575+ shares, counted at the time of this publishing, mentioned Kurbanov's age and appearance.

Many were surprised that the balding Kurbanov was, in fact, a 19-year-old, according to a probable cause statement by police, which lists his date of birth as November 3, 1999.

Many questioned his age because of his receding hair line.

Others just thought he looks much older than 19.

Many of the comments poked fun at his appearance, with some suggested he looked like Smurfs villain Gargamel.

Commenters also question whether the 19-year-old had lied about his age.

Others have made news recently for their mugshots, including one man for his large neck, and another for an unusually large bump on a man's forehead.

The response to these mugshots has some angry, saying people should not make fun of others because of their appearance.

Kurbanov's mugshot has been featured on Reddit, News Channel 9 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and CBS Austin, among dozens of other stations and news outlets nationwide.

You can read his probable cause statement below.

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