Utah named 2nd happiest state in U.S.

    In a study by WalletHub, Utah was named the second happiest state in the country. (Photo: SBG)

    (KUTV) -- Happiness can come from a number of different sources, and those sources can vary between each person.

    According to a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, one thing that does not create happiness is money. Happiness will only increase with wealth up to an annual income of $75,000.

    But, happiness can increase depending on where a person decides to live.

    In a study by WalletHub, Utah is named as the second happiest state in the country.

    This placement was determined by a number of factors, including: Suicide rate, sports participation, employment, work hours, growth, income, divorce rate and more.

    Utah ranked No. 1 in sports participation and volunteer hours.

    The Beehive State placed in the bottom 10 for suicide rates. It also has the lowest divorce rate and has work hours compared to the other 49 states of America.

    Utah ranked fourth in safety and fifth in highest income growth.

    Based on these rankings, Utah was placed second, just behind Hawaii, as the happiest state in the United States.

    List of happiest states in America:

    1. Hawaii
    2. Utah
    3. Minnesota
    4. North Dakota
    5. California
    6. Idaho
    7. Maryland
    8. Iowa
    9. South Dakota
    10. Nebraska
    11. Wisconsin
    12. Connecticut
    13. New Jersey
    14. New York
    15. Virginia
    16. Massachusetts
    17. Washington
    18. Colorado
    19. Georgia
    20. North Carolina
    21. Arizona
    22. Texas
    23. Illinois
    24. New Hampshire
    25. Kansas
    26. Nevada
    27. Delaware
    28. Montana
    29. Florida
    30. Pennsylvania
    31. Rhode Island
    32. Indiana
    33. Maine
    34. Michigan
    35. Wyoming
    36. South Carolina
    37. Ohio
    38. Vermont
    39. Oregon
    40. Tennessee
    41. New Mexico
    42. Missouri
    43. Mississippi
    44. Kentucky
    45. Alabama
    46. Oklahoma
    47. Alaska
    48. Louisiana
    49. Arkansas
    50. West Virginia

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