Utah politician responds to sexual harassment allegations

Utah politician responds to sexual harassment allegations (Photo: KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) At least seven women are accusing a Utah politician of years of sexual harassment.

In a letter to the Democratic Party's Executive Committee, the group accused Rob Miller of sexual misconduct.

Through their lawyer, Dan Spencer, the group signed and submitted the letter on May 25, three weeks before the Democratic Convention.

The women described years of sexual harassment including "petting" a coworker's hair, saying inappropriate remarks like "you're so sexy," and other unwanted physical contact.

"There was never an intent to make anyone feel uncomfortable," maintained Miller. "I think some of the allegations in the letter are not sexual harassment. Asking someone out to dinner is not sexual harassment."

Miller questioned the timing of the leak.

"Never from 2005 to2013, when I was in office, were there ever any allegations. There's been a lot of opportunity, if these allegations were real, to have done something about them before," he said.

"When you have someone that's poised to take a leadership position, that's exactly the time that people should be coming forward," Spencer said.

He said the women tried to report and fix the issues earlier, but there was no way to do so internally.

"Clearly, there weren't any reporting mechanisms in place. There wasn't a mechanism where these kinds of problems could be addressed internally."

Spencer did not know how the internal letter they signed was leaked.

The Democratic Convention is Friday, June 17. Miller does not plan to withdraw from the race.

"I've always had very strong sexual harassment and sexual conduct in all the businesses I've worked it. And I was planning on bringing that to the Democratic Party."

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