Utah Republican made Nazi 'joke' on Facebook

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    (KUTV) — Some members of the Utah Republican Party wrote some Nazi-themed commentary in a private Facebook page.

    Utah County GOP Vice-chairman Josh Daniels responded to a post about a planned cookout and celebration following Saturday's state central committee meeting with a Nazi-themed "joke" aimed at the organizers of County My Vote.

    "Speaking of pork... we should have a Nazi themed party with polish dogs or weenies and sauerkraut and call it 'kraut my vote'!" wrote Daniels on the UTGOP SCC - OFFICIAL Facebook page.

    Josh Daniels' Facebook comment. (Photo: Facebook)

    The comment followed by other members of the Facebook group adding their own commentary to the response. Later in the thread, Daniels said he retracted "any previous sarcastic jokes that may be misconstrued or taken out of context. Facebook is obviously not a place for inside humor unless you find [Zuckerberg's] fascist-like control over the forum and his subsequent stock drop funny."

    2News has reached out to Daniels for comment. He sent us this statement:

    It was a poorly worded joke which I retracted. My intent was to imply that Count My Vote's latest court stunt to, in effect, force withdrawn signatories back into their failed initiative petition is a fascist move. I apologize if people were offended or didn't understand the joke.

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