Utah residents try to recover stolen goods from massive cache found in SLC

Police said hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of trailers, boats, jet skis, and cars were found in Salt Lake City (Photo: Ginna Roe/ KUTV)

(KUTV)-- Many people are hoping to recover their property after police discovered a massive cache of stolen goods in South Salt Lake City.

South Salt Lake Police said hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of trailers, boats, jet skis, and cars were found at 66 West Oakland Avenue Tuesday.

Anthony Lee Cantrell is charged with 14 counts of receiving stolen property.

"Once this investigation is completed, then we turn it over to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office and I'm sure that number will probably rise," Gary Keller, public information officer with South Salt Lake Police said.

Detectives are now combing through the stolen property to determine who it belongs to. If you have items that were stolen, police ask you to contact them with a description, police report and VIN number, if available.

"If we have a trailer and we have an owner, we're going to contact them," Keller said.

Police have already been able to reunite 16 people with their belongings, but some of the items are more difficult to identify because VIN numbers have been scratched off.

Michelle Odette’s trailer was stolen in Saint George two weeks ago. She happened to be visiting Salt Lake City on Wednesday when police made the bust.

“It was just a coincidence. I was in town and I heard it on the news last night. I thought, ‘well, I'm in town. I might as well go check,’” Odette said.

Most of the larger items that police recovered, like boats and cars, were taken to the Quick Tow impound lot in Salt Lake City. Crews spent more than 12 hours towing the stolen goods away. They said they made at least 30 trips.

Police said they don’t have a timeline for sorting through all of the stolen items. It could take days or even weeks to find the rightful owners.

“This is a massive task,” Keller said, “It's taken a lot of man hours just to do what we've done."

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