Utah sister singing to brother with Down syndrome goes viral

Utah sister singing to brother with down syndrome goes viral (Photo: KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) - A couple of videos online by a Utah family is getting national attention and unintentionally bringing awareness to down syndrome.

The videos are of the Gray family from Heber singing a song near and dear to their hearts.

"It’s really awesome how he’s connected to music," It's now a daily routine for 2-year-old Bo and his big sister Lydia Jones to sing "You are my Sunshine." Lydia plays the guitar and sings, Bo will help sing along, "I love seeing him smile, I could watch that every single day, it makes me always happy," she said.

The song has a history for the Heber clan.

When those dark times came upon the family, "He was tied to oxygen and he had heart monitors and I would hold him right in this front room and I would practice that song over and over," Bo's mom Amanda Gray said.

Complications from heart surgery, Bo ended up in the hospital in an induced coma, they used music to talk to him, "His hands start to move and his foot started to move and we saw it as parents bringing him comfort as he recognized, immediately he recognized that those are our voices." she said.

Bo, now just 2-years old, is defying the odds with Down syndrome and can say 12 words just from singing the song.

"These kids they are capable. You just give them the right resources. You give them the right amount of love and attention," said his father, Caleb Gray. "The world looks at disabilities and they kind of put them in this box and to see things like this kind of slowly take them out of that box that’s the cool thing."

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