Utah students study science with virtual reality

Utah students study science with virtual reality

(KUTV) Ever heard of a high school field trip to the African Savanna or the Siberian Tundra? No? Well, one school is taking their students to these types of far-off places without ever leaving the comfort of their classroom. Ninth grade students at Beehive Science and Technology Academy in Sandy are learning with virtual reality.

"They may forget what I said in the classroom, but they will not forget how they feel in the classroom," said Science Teacher Hulya Kablan.

Each student is equipped with a VR headset. Right now, they're exploring different biomes. In the past, students have explored a cell, gone inside a human eye, and even traveled into space.

Ninth Grader Kenyon Jessop says he retains knowledge better with virtual reality.

"I'm more of a hands-on learner and you can't really get a school field trip to the savannah desert. It's a lot easier that way," said Jessop.

Alexandra Wood says with virtual reality she can reach out and touch the material she's learning about.

"You really get a sense of what it is; what's going on; how everything works, instead of just looking at words on a page. You really just see it and feel it. It's really just wonderful," said Wood.

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