Video: Utah trooper hit from behind by runaway car in Sardine Canyon

    A Utah High Patrolman was hospitalized after a sliding car hit him from behind in Sardine Canyon on Sunday. (Courtesy of Utah Department of Public Safety)

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KUTV) - A Utah highway patrolman was hospitalized after a sliding car hit him from behind in Sardine Canyon on Sunday.

    Sergeant Cade Brenchley, a second-generation trooper, was responding to multiple cars that had slid off the road in the canyon.

    The trooper was walking toward a stranded white car when he was hit from behind by a black runaway car that was sliding.

    When Brenchley was hit, the video shows him launched into the air before landing beside the white car.

    On Tuesday, Brenchley spoke to the media for the first time since he was hit.

    “I am extremely grateful to be alive ," he said.

    Brenchley suffered broken ribs and a broken scapula. He was transported to the Logan Regional Hospital.

    “I remember thinking to myself, I’ve been hit. Holy crap, I’ve been hit,” Brenchley said.

    His wife and four children joined him during the press conference. They said they are extremely grateful he is okay.

    “It could have taken me away from my kids and we watched the video and by all means it probably should have,” Brenchley said.

    He is happy to share his story if it means preventing future accidents.

    “We’re all trying to get to our destination. We’re trying to get there safely, but we’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on around us,” he said.

    According to a Utah Department of Public Safety news release, this marks the 11th trooper hit on Utah roads this year.

    "Our department is thankful to the multiple bystanders who came to the aid of Sgt. Brenchley after he was struck," the news release states. "The dash cam video shows many people on the scene who stopped to offer aid and called for help on his car radio. Some of the Cache Valley first responders included three of Sgt. Brenchley's cousins."

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