Utah woman hopes to hear from mother missing in California wildfires

Norma Zarra

(KUTV) — A Utah native woman is among hundreds missing in Northern California where wildfires are raging.

The family of Norma Zarr last spoke with her on Monday. Police visited the woman's California neighborhood Wednesday. It had previously been evacuated but it was not torched by any of the many wildfires burning in California.

In an exclusive 2News interview, Zarr’s daughter said her 61-year-old mother moved to California about a year ago. and has a lot of health concerns. Most recently, she was stricken with pneumonia.

Police told the daughter her mom is not home.

The family said it has checked hospitals and shelters but has yet to find her.

Dialing her phone sends the caller directly to voice mail. They have also been trying to reach

Norma Zarr might be driving her silver Honda CRV. The family is still trying to reach Norma Zarr's friend, but don't have her contact information.

The Associated Press reports hundreds of people are still listed as missing four days after wildfires ignited and zipped through California wine country, and the search for them has been marked by confusion and responses that differ dramatically by area.

Authorities in hard-hit Sonoma County are searching for those reported missing by family and friends, but many of them live in fire zones that can't be accessed as the flames rage largely out of control.

The wildfires ripping through Northern California have killed more than two dozen people and burned thousands of homes and businesses.

About 400 people are listed as missing, Sonoma County Sheriff Robert Giordano told AP Thursday, although those numbers may include duplicates or people who are actually safe.

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