Utahns react to President Trump's "S**thole" comment

Utahns react to President Trump's "S**thole" comment (Photo: Cristina Flores, KUTV)

(KUTV)- Eighteen-year-old Asma Dahir, a Utah-born college student who has Somalian parents, said she was upset yet not surprised that President Trump used the word “Sh**hole” to describe countries in Africa during a conversation with members of Congress in the oval office.

The president, according to some members of Congress, said he preferred to let-in people from some countries over others.

“I feel like he should have the guts to come into these communities and apologize and educate himself on these various communities,” Dahir said.

As Miss Africa Utah 2017, Dahir strives to inspire minority girls to be proud of who they are and not apologize for who they are.

She said as the Utah-born daughter of Somali refugees, she wasn’t always willing to tell people she was the daughter of refugees knowing she’d be bullied or targeted by racists.

Now, the Westminster College student who is studying public health with an eye on medical school, said she is openly proud and identifies as Somali-American.

“It’s important for girls to realize their truths and identities and be strong in who they are,” she said.

She said the President’s reported use of a vulgar word to describe Africa and it’s people is “uneducated” and makes people like her and her family targets for hatred.

Said Birigimana, a 21-year-old case worker for Catholic Community Service’s Refugee Resettlement Program, also feels Trump should apologize.

“It makes me feel I’m not welcome here,” he said.

Birigimana, his parents, and three siblings fled Burundi, Africa when he was 5.

He only remembers gunshots and his mother trying to hide him and his siblings to protect them.

His family spent years at a refugee camp in Ethiopia before they were allowed to resettle as refugees in Utah.

Once here, he earned his high school diploma and is now in his second year at Salt Lake Community College.

He loves his job helping other refugees resettle in Utah and become self-sufficient.

Despite his accomplishments, lately, he doesn’t feel like he’s living the American Dream because it can all crumble with a Presidential decision.

“With our new President sometimes I feel I’m not welcome here and anything can change right away,” he said.

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