Utah's Pluralsight to build new global headquarters in Draper

Utah's Pluralsight to build new global headquarters in Draper. (Photo courtesy of Pluralsight)

Pluralsight will move out of Farmington's Station Park to Draper, Utah. The company will build its new global headquarters on about 40 acres of untouched land off the 146th South Exit in Draper, near Corner Canyon.

Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard revealed the new location during an exclusive interview with 2News.

Skonnard said when they signed their first lease in Farmington, Pluralsight had 31 employees. Fast forward four years and the company now has more than 800 employees. Within the next ten years, Pluralsight plans to add 2,400 more employees.

"In the beginning, we'll build one or two buildings that will house the current employee base of Pluralsight and there will be room to grow and build additional buildings in the years ahead," said Skonnard.

Pluralsight has offices in many locations and could've selected one of those sites for its new global headquarters, but Skonnard said they specifically chose Utah for business reasons. The company's european headquarters opens in Dublin this month.

Now that the location has been chosen, the design phase comes next. Pluralsight plans to break ground on its new global headquarters this summer. They hope to be moving in, in about two years.

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