UVU unveils new massive stained glass mural called 'Roots of Knowledge'

    UVU unveils new massive stained glass mural (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) Friday marked a historic event at Utah Valley University that was 12 years in the making.

    At the college's newly named Fulton Library, a massive stained glass mural was unveiled. It's called the Roots of Knowledge.

    "Roots of knowledge is a ten foot high 200 foot wide stain glass narrative of the highest points of human learning and understanding," said Matthew Holland, UVU's President. "It starts with the dawn of civilization and creation and it moves up to the contemporary day."

    The one of a kind in the world stained glass project required the talents of hundreds of artist, working with more than 60,000 pieces of glass and covering 80 window panels.

    "There are no words. This has taken so much work," said Shae Anderson, one of the 350 student artists who helped work on the project.

    For lead artist Cameron Oskcarson, he can't believe it's actually up and in place and ready for show. "For one thing it's just a huge relief because we have been pushing so hard for this deadline."

    Tom Holdman, a master stained glass artist, and the brains behind the project, said he too can't believe they finished. "Yes, we have arrived and It's been hard to get here."

    But this is more than just something amazing to look at. Artists are hoping this master piece will inspire people to go and do greater things.

    "If I can inspire them to action that is what I want," said Holdman.

    "We think there is power in it. There is power in it to inspire and to inspire both study and reflection and inquiry, but also confidence that you can do something. You can change the world," said Holland.

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