Victim in Super Bowl Sunday hit-and-run unexpectedly finds the car that hit him

Victim in the Super Bowl Sunday hit and run unexpectedly finds the car that hit him (Photo: KUTV file)

(KUTV) — After weeks of searching for the suspect in the hit and run of a longboarder near Liberty Park on Super Bowl Sunday, victim Austin Bryson, solved his own case.

"Hey, I think the car that hit me is in front of my house," Bryson told police. “My brother came over to take care of me and noticed something was off with the white car parked in front of my apartment.”

Bryson, still on crutches from being hit by a car matching the description of the car out front, wanted to have a look for himself. "I knew. I knew right off the bat. There wasn't any doubt in my mind that was the car,” he said.

“Our detective looked at the vehicle and said 'wow the damage is consistent with what took place,' " detective Greg Wilking with the Salt Lake Police Department, said.

After investigating, police interviewed and arrested 21-year-old Roberto Gutierrez for failure to remain at an accident involving serious injury.

It is believed Gutierrez had just been given a job at a restaurant two buildings down from Bryson's apartment -- explaining the suspect's car showing up.

“Basically matches up some of the debris left behind and sure enough that is our suspect's vehicle parked in front of our victim's house,” Wilking said.

Even officers were shocked as to how it all played out, “It took me a while to believe it honestly,” Wilking said.

“It had gone cold, everybody had given up, we didn't think we were going to catch anybody,” Bryson said He had given up hope.

“He decided to pick a job right next to our house and park right in front of my house. It's karma at its finest. We're so lucky, I need to go to Vegas,” he said.

Austin said he's doing better with his injuries but still has a few more months on his road to recovery.

He does have a GoFundMe set up, if you'd like to help, you can click here.

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