Wanda Barzee's sister believes she shouldn't be set free, 'nothing's changed'

    Wanda Barzee's sister believes she shouldn't be set free, 'nothing's changed.' (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) - Evelyn Barzee, sister to Wanda Barzee who helped kidnap Elizabeth Smart, believes her sister should not be set free anytime soon.

    Barzee was a no show at her parole hearing on Tuesday morning. According to the parole board her 1-15 year state sentence expires in January of 2024, but she could get out anytime if board members agree she should be set free.

    “I don’t believe that she is mentally well, and I believe that she is trying to convince anybody that she can convince that she is the mother of Zion. That she is going to receive her calling and election made sure,” said Evelyn Barzee. “And Elizabeth is in the wrong because she did not hold true to the covenant of marriage between she and Brian [David Mitchell] and Wanda.”

    Evelyn says she is getting letters from Barzee nearly weekly quoting a variety of scriptures. Evelyn says her teaching still go along with what Brian David Mitchell was preaching from his own self-proclaimed bible when the kidnapping happened in 2002.

    “She thinks her laws are God’s laws,” said Evelyn. “Nothing’s changed she still has the same beliefs.”

    But Evelyn says she still loves her sisters and prays that she will change.

    “I love her and I’m not giving her up as my sister,” she said, “We were always so close and she was so gifted in everything that she did, in music in everything. I miss her for who she was. She is not the same person.”

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