Wasatch football league unsure about season after money disappears

Wasatch football league unsure about season after money disappears (Photo: Paige Robinson / KUTV)

(KUTV) After spending tens of thousands of dollars, the 250 players on the Sky View Youth Football League are not even sure if they will be able to play this season.

As they've done in years past, the league used a Texas based company, Jevin, for their registration fees.

Now they say they do not know where the money went.

Another Utah youth football league, Ogden Valley, also used the service.

After weeks of texts, emails, and phone calls, Jevin told the league they would pay them, but instead paid Ogden Valley.

Sky View said Jevin owed them $45,000. Ogden Valley said Jevin owed them about $7,000.

According to Ogden Valley, Jevin paid them $14,000. Now Ogden Valley and the WFFL are trying to figure it out among themselves. Both organizations said they are not getting answers from Jevin.

The league is now working with the Ogden Valley league to get the rest of that money so they can start working towards paying for their initial costs for helmets.

As for the remainder of the $45,000 the team needs for the season, the league is considering litigation and will file a police report Monday.

They also have a GoFundMe account for donations.

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