Watch this car fly off a cliff near Utah Lake with FiberFix, tape 'as strong as steel'

Watch this car fly off a cliff near Utah Lake with FiberFix, tape 'as strong as steel'. (Photo: FiberFix)

(KUTV) If you recall the 2013 viral video "Girls Don't Poop" and the Squatty Potty commercial in December 2015 featuring the "Pooping Unicorn" that showed a puppet pooping ice cream, you're in for another treat -- except this time the Utah-based advertising brothers are doing a commercial dealing with humor outside of the bathroom.

The Harmon Brothers just released another unconventional nearly five-minute humor-based commercial spot for a company called FiberFix, based in American Fork, Utah. The company was also featured on ABC's "Shark Tank" TV series just like the Squatty Potty.

The entire car scene was shot in Genola, Utah near the southern end of Utah Lake. The rest of the commercial was shot in a garage in Salt Lake City. It turns out it's not so easy finding the perfect place to showcase "manliness." Watch how they figured out the best way to flip a car. The company searched for five weeks straight to find the perfect place that ended up being at an abandoned rock quarry.

Not bad for keeping it all Utah local with advertising agencies and shooting locations. After being posted on Aug. 16, the video has already seen more than 1/2 million views on YouTube.

People are already showing its various uses to "unbreak things."

Fix notoriously breakable Apple cables.

Fix a prosthetic.

Even fix your kid's upcoming birthday party for the punk who always hits the Piñata way too hard on the first hit and ruins the fun for the little kids still standing in line. Won't he be surprised with this new and improved Piñata?

Need more ideas? Get them here.

The product appears to be the handy man's newest weapon to solve manly projects gone wrong around the house without a welder. FiberFix is as easy as duct tape, but works to provide a "manly solution for those manly problems," according to the company's ad.

"Duct tape is temporary and only gets you so far," says the redneck actor with a ginger mustache while wearing flannel and a ball cap. "It keeps the pieces together without actually making things work again -- like my birth did with my parent's marriage."

FiberFix gets the issues the average Mr. Fix-It faces on a Saturday afternoon strapped for time to get a repair done and addresses them head-on in this no apologies video.

New products may be at a store, but a manly man doesn't want to spend his afternoon at a store, the redneck character says in the commercial while yelling in a garage.

"Unless store is a code word for a big screen TV that feeds you nachos while ya fart," he says.

The other viral videos by the Harmon brothers are longer than your average 30-second commercial spot, but they've proven wildly successful on social media platforms where people share the videos and sit and watch the entire clip. The "Girls Don't Poop" commercial for, which is an actual product that cleans up the smell of your toilet bowl before you go #2 has seen more than 37 million views on YouTube. The Squatty Potty commercial, which has seen more than 26 million views, was like a Christmas present in December that boosted sales for the St. George based company by more than 600 percent in online sales and boosted retail sales with a 400 percent increase at the brand's largest partner, Bed Bath & Beyond, according to Adweek.

For even more laughs and an education on FiberFix, check out the behind the scenes video.

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