West Jordan Popeyes has sign with racial slur

Richardson walked into the West Jordan Popeyes to speak with the manager about removing the racial slur. (Photo: Dion Richardson)

(KUTV) -- A West Jordan Popeyes had an unwelcoming statement posted on their sign Friday.

Dion Richardson was on her way to Wal-Mart around 8 a.m. when she saw the fast food restaurant's sign with the phrase "NOW HIRING N*****". Stayson Lifton, boyfriend to the daughter of Richardson, said she walked into Popeyes and spoke with the manager to take down the lettering.

"So..... I haven't been in Utah a month yet and this is what I see," Lifton wrote in a Facebook post about the sign near Bangerter Highway. "I usually laugh these kinda things off but it's honestly not cool. No Photoshop here folks, this was up before they put it down."

KUTV reached out to the fast-food chain to learn more about the incident.

In a statement from Popeyes' Media Relations, the restaurant said "We have a zero tolerance policy for racism or bigotry of any kind. This was a highly-offensive prank that took place overnight by an individual not associated with the restaurant. The Franchisee that owns and operates this location has confirmed that the offensive message was immediately removed and intends to take the appropriate measures to ensure this never happens again."

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