West Valley creates own list of 40 possible sites for proposed homeless shelter

West Valley create own list of 40 possible sites for proposed homeless shelter (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) – West Valley City leaders say the city more than pull its weight when it comes to caring for the low-income and homeless populations in Salt Lake County.

Now, in response to a list of proposed sites by Salt Lake County for a new homeless shelter, three in West Valley City, City manager Wayne Pyle had his staff create a list of 40 other possible sites in the county.

“[The county’s] process is not only fatally flawed from the very beginning, but here’s a very specific way it is flawed and show the fact that we have all these sites up and down the county,” Pyle said Monday.

He said he does not plan to make the list public, yet, or share the list with county officials.

“It would pit us against the other cities in the county, it would imply that we’re buying into the process that the county has defined, which we do not,” he said.

Pyle said the city is asking the county to drop their proposed list and start the site selection process over again. He and other leaders in West Valley say they had no idea their city was even being considered as a possibility for a newly-proposed homeless shelter.

“This process was rushed from the very beginning, the very concept that it’s based on is flawed,” Pyle said.

The state legislature promised Salt Lake County $10-million in one-time funds, as well as ongoing funds for the shelter. County Mayor Ben McAdams said the funding also came with a deadline of March 30 to pick a site.

Two days ago, McAdams met with infuriated residents at an open house to discuss the proposed shelter.


1. 3091 S. Main St, South Salt Lake

2. 1144 W. 3300 South, South Salt Lake

3. 1820 W. Printers Row, West Valley City

4. 2249 South 1070 West, West Valley City

5. 2411 South 1070 West , West Valley City

At that meeting, McAdams did not close the door on the possibility of other sites being considered.

2News contacted McAdams’ staff Monday to see if he had a response to West Valley’s characterization of the site selection process as “fake.” McAdams staff said he was in meetings and was not able to respond as of 6 p.m.

The next open house will be Tuesday, March 21 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center at 1355 West 3100 South in West Valley City from 6-8 p.m.

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