What Happened: Mother/daughter murder-suicide in Magna

Mother/daughter murder-suicide in Magna (Photo: KUTV via YouCaring)

(KUTV) - A Magna mother shot herself after killing her 9-year-old daughter, investigators confirmed Monday.

“We’re not going to release how many [gunshots] or any of that. It’s a little too graphic,” said Lt. Brian Lohrke with Unified Police Department. “It’s a tragic situation involving this 9-year-old daughter that was killed by her mother who obviously suffered some mental issues that tragically plague our society nowadays.”

Police identified the shooter and victims as 41-year-old Karina Clark and her 9-year-old daughter Madison Clark.

A YouCaring page has been set up for the family's funeral expenses.

“This is one of the situations where we’re just kind of left in the dust right now, trying to figure out why the mom had a need to kill her 9-year-old daughter.”

Neighbors were shocked to learn of the news.

“It’s just sad. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary,” said Magna neighbor Ben Cummins. “I just can’t see something like this happening, her doing something like that and taking her daughter’s life, as well.”

An active member of the LDS Church, Ben says Karina and her daughter went to lots of events together, had many friends, and were beloved in the community.

“She was really involved with her church [...] she was a very outgoing person. I just can’t think something like this, a tragedy like this, to happen.”

Cummins said Clark had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery. As a result, he said she lost more than 100 pounds and was on pain medication.

Lohrke confirmed reports of Clark taking prescription medication.

“She talks about her pain medicine, that she didn’t like taking it. She was cutting back because she didn’t’ want to feel like she was being controlled by something,” said Cummins.

A member of the Clark’s church asked the police to perform a welfare check on the residence after she noticed they had not picked up presents she left on the Clark’s doorstep several days earlier.

They entered the home at 2665 South 8990 West through the front door overnight Sunday and found the two dead. Investigators later obtained a search warrant to continue the investigation and seize evidence.

They determined the crime was a murder/suicide after the medical examiner’s report Monday afternoon.

Investigators are still trying to figure out when exactly the crime occurred, but believe it could have been sometime in mid-December.

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