Where is the Layton, Utah LDS temple being built?

Ogden Temple - closest for Layton residents to patron. (FILE Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) -- A major announcement at LDS general conference over Easter weekend of a new temple coming to Layton, Utah, had a lot of people excited and wondering where the sacred building is going to be built.

“I'm calling the Church department, and they're building it like just a couple blocks away, I've decided, East Layton,” said Kate Miculescu, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I would like it to be in East Layton, but I don’t know where they would have any space to put it,” added LDS member, Roxanne Cottrell.

The debate of the LDS temple's location started almost immediately in Layton after the announcement was made.

“We are now pleased to announce plans to construct seven more temples,” said LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson during session Sunday afternoon.

“Layton, Utah,” President Nelson smiled and laughed when he announced the city and state, which was met with awes and cheers.

“I was thrilled; I actually kinda cried a little,” Cottrell said. “It's unreal the excitement that's going through this community right now."

While Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson is sworn to secrecy about the location, he did offer a few hints.

“We can narrow that part all the way down to it's in Layton. Not in Kaysville, or Clearfield, or Syracuse, it's in Layton, and people will really like the location,” he said. "I think that when the F-35 pilots fly in, I think they will be able to see it.”

One thing is for certain that the parcel of land the temple is to be constructed on is secured.

“I will say this, the church has acquired the property and so that piece of property is a done deal,” he said.

According to the Davis County Assessor, this is a map of land owned by the Church in the Layton area that is big enough for a temple site -- off 2200 to 2300 West in West Layton.

But, there's also a chance the church has acquired new land under a blind name.

"That is their announcement as far as that goes so we have to let the church announce where the location where it's going to be," Mayor Stevenson said.

“Where ever it goes it will be great. It's just huge blessing and says a lot about how people are serving and the purpose the temple, it's great,” said Miculescu.

Mayor Stevenson said he thinks it will be in the next year or so that the Church will announce the exact location and begin construction.

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