Whip cream challenge helps raise awareness, give hope, save lives

Hope Squads in schools and the whip cream challenge hope to give students hope and save lives. (Photo: Courtesy HopeSquad.com)

(KUTV) — Hope Squads are in schools across Utah. They’re groups that are trained to spot someone who may be in jeopardy of taking their own life.

Now, they’re trying something new to help raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health.

It’s called the Whipped Cream Challenge, the brainchild of Disney Peterson. She works with the hope squads.

She decided to try to create a viral challenge where people throw whipped cream up into the air and try to catch it in their mouths.

It’s a silly challenge but for a serious cause. We’re told two teenagers in Utah try to take their lives every single day. The goal here is to get the conversation going about it.

The challenge is starting to pick up steam too. Schools in Canada, Arizona, Idaho and Ohio have reportedly jumped on board.

All you have to do is give it a go and challenge someone else to take part. Even if you don’t want to do the challenge itself, you can still donate to the Hope Squad through the link below.

Visit HopeSquad.com for more information. Or Venmo @HopeSquad.

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