Why is Mormon Mafia trending?

Why is #MormonMafia trending? (Photo: Twitter Screenshot)

(KUTV) It all started when Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs asserted in a tweet on Oct. 22 that Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin was a “Mormon Mafia tool” meant to prevent Donald Trump from winning.

Rather than causing others to get angry with Dobbs his angry tweet that also called McMullin a “globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia Tool,” it has become the best new hashtag on Twitter for people to poke fun at the share peculiar nuances of the LDS culture and then use the hashtag #MormonMafia.

Utah’s Lt. Governor Spencer Cox tweeted about his LDS 2-year mission service.

Another tweet shows a brutal hit job against a fellow missionary with a pie to the face.

And of course, there are the notorious Sopranos, AKA, the highest vocal section of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

McMullin hasn’t been shy about calling himself an ‘anti-Trump’ candidate and admitting his goal is to give conservatives another option to pick from other than Trump.

This morning McMullin even responded to the trending hashtag with this comment:

“The strength of @TeamMcMullin is that we're the #MormonMafia...& the Jewish, Catholic, Evangelical, Hindu, Muslim, or no Mafia Mafias! ”

Twitter took even more tongue-in-cheek comments about how potentially dangerous the Mormon Mafia could be.

It’s possible McMullin could make history in Utah on Nov. 8 and be the first independent candidate to take Utah and have all it’s electoral votes got to a non-Republican presidential candidate since 1964, when it voted Democrat.

The Mormon Mafia even got so much chatter online, it became a Twitter Moment:

Recent polls show McMullin gaining momentum in Utah and have him either in a 3-way tie, or actually beating Trump by 4 points.

A Trump adviser told 2News prior to Wednesday's Trump/Pence rally McMullin was just a "fad."

A pollster for Y2 Analytics, Quin Monson, who is not a McMullin supporter, predicts McMullin to win Utah on Nov. 8.

"I'm going to take the opportunity to go on the record on a recording before the election that Evan McMullin will win Utah," said Quin Monson, speaking on the Maxwell Institute Podcast at BYU earlier this week.

Utah hasn't voted for a non-Republican presidential candidate since 1964, and a third-party candidate hasn't won any presidential contest since 1968.

"There's an energy for his campaign that certainly doesn't exist for the Donald Trump campaign in Utah," Monson told 2News.

For those unsure about who Evan McMullin really is, our news-sharing partner, The Salt Lake Tribune wrote up a detailed story about his life.

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