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Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt hopes for contested Republican convention

Why Leavitt hopes for a contested Republican convention
Why Leavitt hopes for a contested Republican convention
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(KUTV) Former Utah governor, Mike Leavitt, spoke at the World Trade Center Utah business symposium Tuesday at the Grand America Hotel. Before his speech, he spoke with media about the possibility of a contested convention.

"We literally are in uncharted waters," said Leavitt. "We're talking about the leadership of the free world."

Utah's 14th governor endorsed John Kasich earlier this month. Mathematically, Kasich will not be able to win the republican nomination with only 943 delegates left. His only chance for presidency is to be nominated at a contested convention this summer.

"It's clear to me, he's made a decision that he's going to go as long as possible," said Leavitt.

The former popular Utah governor was doubtful that Ted Cruz would be able to procure the 774 delegates he now needs to achieve the required 1,237 delegates necessary to win the nomination.

"I think that we're not far from the point that Cruz and Kasich have to begin to realize that their interests are somewhat aligned and that their objective is to stop Donald Trump from getting 1,237."

If the contested convention does take place, Leavitt questioned if any rules would change.

"For example, I'm expected back at work on Monday and my hotel reservation runs out on Sunday. Therefore, we need to get something done. A decision needs to be made. In that kind of a setting, rules can change."

However, he said the democratic process would stay intact.

"There's not going to be a smoke-filled room where people decide to do one thing or another. This is going to play out in a democratic process and that's why you have rules."

Under normal convention circumstances, a vote takes place on Wednesday, the candidate makes an acceptance speech Thursday, and the running mate would make a speech Friday

"If you don't have a candidate that's clear, will they move the vote up Monday or Tuesday, anticipating that they could be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday maybe even Saturday before they get an outcome."

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