Witnesses speak for medical marijuana at State Capitol

Witnesses speak for medical marijuana at State Capitol

(KUTV) Amanda Ellis Graham walked into a committee room Wednesday to argue for legalizing medical marijuana. She says the drug enabled her to walk and to function after suffering from multiple sclerosis.

"I'm able to shower, I'm able to cook," she said.

Graham used to be in a wheelchair and prefers smoking over using hemp oil.

She says she's quite and careful about getting her medication and only worries "a little" about the police.

A legislative committee heard testimony about medical marijuana Wednesday morning.

They aren't talking about smoking it but only about pills or oils medically administered. A medicinal marijuana legalization bill narrowly failed last legislative session and will be back in January.

Connor Boyack is lobbying for medicinal legalization. He says this is about people in Utah who are suffering.

"The only thing preventing them from something they and their doctors think would help them is the law," Boyack said. "It needs to change."

For more, watch Rod Decker's full report.

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