Woman claims she warned apartment managers multiple times before ceiling collapsed on her

Woman claims she warned apartment managers multiple times before ceiling collapsed on her (Photo: Jeremy Harris/ KUTV)

(KUTV) – A Murray woman says she feared there was a problem with the ceiling above her apartment’s bedroom before it collapsed on her while she was asleep.

“I just woke up at 5:30 in the morning and the ceiling was coming down on top of me,” Fadhil said.

Fadhil and her attorney David Head are speaking out now after they say the Park Gate Apartments in Murray have ignored their requests to make things right after the August 2017 ordeal.

“This could have been prevented so many times, but what really troubled me is how [Park Gate] reacted after she was hurt,” Head said.

Park Gate Apartments put Fadhil up in a hotel after the ceiling collapse. Fadhil claims when she went to check in on the apartment she discovered the door was left open and several items, including jewelry were missing.

Fadhil moved back in, but a few weeks later she says she was kicked out of her home.

A notice to vacate provided to 2News by Fadhil shows the apartment complex told her she was being booted weeks after the ceiling collapse. The reason on the notice said “Due to current lawsuit.”

“If you are going to complain about something that’s really dangerous, a ceiling falling in, and if you complain you’re going to get kicked out,” Head said.

But there is no lawsuit, yet, according to Head.

Fadhil claims she addressed a growing crack in the ceiling with management in the months leading up to the collapse.

Maintenance orders provided by Fadhil show a statement reportedly from the apartment management that acknowledges the ceiling issue in March 2017.

“I have seen the ceiling and yes there is a leak in the ceiling somewhere. I am contacting my boss to further address the problems. We will get it fixed ASAP, thank you!” the order states.

Nothing was done to fix the crack, according to Fadhil.

“They were more concerned with saving a thousand dollars than making sure a woman was safe,” Head said.

Fadhil says she moved her bed from under the ceiling crack but the crack only got worse.

“Over the next five or six month period, [Fadhil] actually went there 10 times,” Head said. “She actually begged the manager about it, and the manager actually said, it’s going to cost $1000 bucks to fix, you’ll be fine.”

2News contacted Park Gate Apartments by phone Wednesday. A representative said she would not comment due to pending litigation.

“It was a safety issue they were well aware of and they didn’t take care of it,” Head said. “People, instead of getting in trouble for complaining about a health issue, won’t complain about it and let these landlords get away with it.”

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