Woman convicted in kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart set to appear at parole hearing Tuesday

    Wanda Barzee set to appear at parole hearing Tuesday. (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) - Wanda Barzee, who helped kidnap 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart in 2002 with Brian David Mitchell, has a chance for freedom as she is expected to plead her cause at a parole hearing on Tuesday morning.

    Elizabeth is expected to be there according to her father Ed. It will be the first time she will see Barzee who is now 72 years old, face to face since sentencing day in 2010.

    The Smarts say they have forgiven Barzee but say she has shown no sign of remorse. In fact Ed says he was told she’s still carrying Mitchell’s bible around.

    “I was told that she brought it in with her to church and she says I would like to read something and she started reading out of it and somebody had to stop her,” said Ed to 2News. “I thought wow if she is still on this same kind of trip where is she?”

    The other concern, will she strike again once set free?

    “The biggest issue is whether she would be a threat again in the future to someone else,” said Ed.

    According to the Parole Board, Barzee served her federal sentence and her state sentence because of credit served, so technically she could be set free.

    “The board could grant a parole date or terminate her sentence early,” said Greg Johnson with the Board of Pardons and Parole.

    Barzee’s federal sentence was up in April of 2012. That’s when she was moved to the Utah State Prison at the point of the mountain. Her state sentence is 1-15 years in prison. Johnson says she’s already served nine years of that. One year in jail after she was captured. Six years at the state mental hospital and two years since finishing her federal sentence.

    According to the state sentencing guidelines her time was up in 2012.

    “She’s been in prison longer than what her guidelines suggest,” said Johnson.

    Johnson says if she serves her full 15 year state sentence that will be up on January 29, 2024.

    But Defense attorney Greg Skordas who represented Elizabeth Smart at one time doubts Barzee would be let go this early.

    “I think it’s unlikely given the type of case and what she ultimately plead guilty to,” said Skordas to 2News. “This was a big case for everyone in the community.”

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