Woman jailed after robbing assisted living center in Elk Ridge

Woman jailed after robbing assisted living center in Elk Ridge. (Photo courtesy of Utah County Jail)

(KUTV) — A Provo woman was jailed on Wednesday after she allegedly used a handgun and an electronic incapacitation device to rob an assisted living center in Elk Ridge earlier that morning.

On Jan. 7 at 3:24 a.m., a female employee called police to report that a woman had entered the assisted living center wearing all black and was threatening her and another employee with a handgun and some kind of electronic incapacitation device (stun gun).

The employee reportedly received a call from someone that morning saying a person was trying to get into the building. According to a news release, the employee did not consider this unusual, assuming it was a resident who had walked outside.

When the first employee opened the door she was immediately confronted by the black-clad suspect, whose face was covered by a black cloth or bandana. The suspect pointed a gun at the employee's face. The second employee immediately retreated into a room and locked the door. From there she called 9-1-1.

The suspect ordered an employee to the main office where medications are stored. The suspect then gave a can of shaving cream and told her to spray shaving cream over the security camera in the office. She complied.

The suspect demanded that the employee unlock a medication storage box, which she was unable to open. The suspect reportedly said she would wait, but then acted frustrated, grabbed backpacks belonging to the two employees and fled the building through the door through which she had originally entered. The employee found a phone and called 9-1-1.

Meanwhile, the other employee was keeping herself locked in the room, monitoring and reporting updates to the dispatcher until deputies arrived.

Deputies arrived and secured the building, then conducted a thorough search. Authorities were able to confirm the suspect was not on the property. All residents were accounted for and uninjured.

The victim was described as tall, thin and dressed in black, with her face covered. After reviewing surveillance footage, it was determined that the suspect had the same physical build, appearance and mannerisms as an employee who was fired 6 weeks earlier.

Detectives found the suspect's can of shaving cream, methamphetamine, prescription drugs and items of paraphernalia.

The suspect, identified as 44-year-old Becky Jean Golly, has convictions in Utah for crimes including theft, fraud and drug-related charges.

Golly was booked into the Utah County Jail on charges including a first degree felony of aggravated robbery - use or threatened use of a weapon, and three third degree felonies including financial transaction with intent to defraud, forgery, and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.

Bail for Golly has been set at $50,000.00, cash only.

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