Woods Cross Police Department steps up fight against holiday porch pirates

Woods Cross Police Department steps up fight against holiday porch pirates (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- The Woods Cross Police Department steps up fight against package theives this holiday season.

“You know you spend a lot of time searching for the gifts and also the money you spend as well ordering them,” Julie Checketts, a long-time resident, said. “Then to have them taken, it's not fair and it does put a damper on your Christmas.”

Checketts said she was extremely happy when she heard the news of the new program by the police department.

It’s called the Santa Squad program. The police department is letting residents use its address for package deliveries. “I was like ‘I love this idea, now the furniture I ordered needs to be assembled so do you do that too?’” Checketts said.

The idea came from Chief Greg Butler, “Those can be difficult cases to solve, even when people have video sometimes you still can't identify who they are,” he said.

During the month of December, Woods Cross residents can use the stations address have their packages delivered. “We'll keep it safe and sound for them, we'll call them up and they can come pick it up,” Butler said.

But make sure you have proper ID, no porch pirates will be allowed in their secure room where the packages will be kept.

“I would be very surprised if somebody tried to pull a fast one on the police department and tried to get a package here that wasn't for them,” Butler stated.

Here’s the instructions:

  • Send it to the Woods Cross Police Department 1555 S 800 W Woods Cross, UT 84087.
  • Address it to Santa’s Squad C/O your name.
  • If you have special circumstances (elderly or handicapped) you can let them know and they can deliver your package to your home.

“People can enjoy their holidays a little more knowing that they don't need to worry about whether or not their gifts are going to be taken,” Checketts said.

For more information, you can click here. https://www.wxpd.us/

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