Alabama teen bullied at homecoming has community come to her rescue

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    MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) - A teenager from Murphy High School in Mobile, Alabama said she wanted to take her life after being made fun of for the way she looked at her homecoming dance.

    She ran out of the dance after just 45 minutes.

    "She was devastated on the ride home. She just cried her eyes out. One of her friends contacted my mom saying said Laura is trying to kill herself," says Laura's mom Odessa Garmon.

    It's a heartbreaking situation for a beautiful girl trying to enjoy the night out with friends.

    "My daughter was beautiful. She was princess and these girls and these guys took something beautiful... a moment that was meaningful for me and her and made it ugly with the negative the comments," says Garmon.

    Business owners in the community joined together for a special day reminding Laura she is exceptional.

    "I had two photo shoots. I got my makeup done and got myself to feel comfortable, and I thank the women for everything that they did for me," says Laura.

    "I just wanted to bring her back to her normal self to embrace her beauty," says photographer Ragan Bridges.

    Members of Murphy homecoming court were also there to put a stop to bullying.

    "Many people have things to say that aren't nice and we just felt that we needed to come out today to support her. We want to let her know that everything is ok and that she is gorgeous and that she is fit for a queen," says Murphy High School's Homecoming Queen.

    Laura wants everyone to know you can overcome bullying just like she did.

    "If there is people out there that is getting bullied they should let someone know so they can do something about it, and I thank everybody," says Laura.

    McIntosh High School has invited Laura to their homecoming.

    Belk's, salon owners, makeup artists, and nail technicians have offered free services to help her get ready for the big day.

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