Bill Clinton: I wouldn't do it again, either

In this photo taken May 5, 2016, former President Bill Clint speaks in Portland, Ore. while campaigning for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The former president spoke with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during an impromptu meeting in Phoenix, but Lynch says the discussion did not involve the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use as secretary of state. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Former President Bill Clinton is reflecting on his controversial meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and concluding that he wouldn't do it again, either.

On Monday, the former president met with Lynch on an airport tarmac in Phoenix when their travel schedules coincided. Lynch later said their discussion didn't include the Justice Department investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server. She also said she understood why a controversy erupted over her talking to Bill Clinton and allowed that she wouldn't do it again.

On Saturday, an aide to the former president said in a statement that Clinton's conversation with Lynch was unplanned and entirely social in nature. But Clinton now recognizes how others could take another view and agrees with Lynch that he wouldn't do it again.

The aide wasn't authorized to be named and spoke about Bill Clinton's reaction to the controversy on condition of anonymity.

The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton on Saturday as part of its investigation of the email server.

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