Children text 911 while in the car with drunk father

Children text 911 while in the car with drunk father (Photo: CNN Newsource)

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(KUTV) Two Nebraska children claim their father took them on a drive while he was drunk -- and they texted 911 to report him.

Ethan and Mackenzie Behrens, 12 and 14 years old, said they knew their dad, Jason Behrens, was drunk when they began their drive to Colorado for Vacation.

"We told him we don't want to go anymore because you are drunk and I don't want to die," Mackenzie said.

The kids said it wasn't the first time this had happened.

"When a car passed, you could hear how close it was," said Ethan, who claimed his dad was swerving dangerously in the road.

The kids told each other they would send the text to 911 if their father swerved one more time.

"He swerved again so I pressed send," said Mackenzie.

The text sent Kearney Police on a hunt to find the car.

Mackenzie and Ethan said they came up with the idea to suggest the family stop at Burger King, allowing police to catch up to the cars.

Police say Behrens' blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

The children are now in the care of their mother, Amy Brooks, who said learning of Behrens' behavior -- and the decision her children made -- was bittersweet.

"I was very angry, but...the better part is that they are safe now, that I came and picked them up," Brooks said.

As for the kids, they told police they believe they made the right choice.

"He's our parent, our other parent. It was hard, but he just pushed us to the point that we had to," said Ethan.

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