Fans waiting for results of Urban Meyer investigation and Ohio State decision on coach


    Buckeye fans are waiting for a big announcement this week that will likely go down in Buckeye history. The future of the head football coach at The Ohio State University hangs in the balance as the Board of Trustees meets on Wednesday, and President Michael Drake makes the decision on Urban Meyer’s fate following that meeting.

    Meyer has been on paid administrative leave, banned from practices, and having contact with coaches and student athletes.

    At the Zone 105.7 Sportsradio, hosts Matt McCoy and Stan Jackson said the investigation has been “topic A” for the past couple weeks.

    “There’s so many different layers to the story that have come out. Every time you think you have seen it all,there is another layer of the onion that gets peeled off,” said McCoy.

    “It has become very personal to a lot of people. One of the things we have heard a lot is they want it to be over. And to do what is right,” said McCoy, who urged no “knee jerk” reactions. “Football games —there is Monday morning quarterbacking. Holy smokes, there are a lot of people who will pour over that report. I just hope whenever it’s done, people get educated about it. Read about it and can make their own conclusion,” said

    Jackson said he is a fan of due process. “Everybody is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If we lose that it is a slippery slope.”

    Jackson said only the facts matter.

    ”Look we all have a different moral compass. I think most of us want to do what is right," Jackson said. "But it is very difficult to put our own personal moral compass on somebody else. And that is why we have policies and procedures in place, to help protect everybody and put us o the same playing field.”

    Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey said Monday “This is a factual report. It may have findings, but not a recommended course of action.”

    Ohio State says President Dr. Michael Drake will make the decision “after an appropriate time of consideration.”

    At Easy Living Deli near the university, the Urban Meyer sandwich is still on the menu. The owner, Vlade Janakievski, a former Buckeye place kicker said he doesn’t see the team giving up, no matter what happens.

    “Sure they want to do the best for the university and for coach, so I am sure they are working hard," Janakievski said.

    At College Traditions, Meyer’s book is selling well. And so is an Urban plaque that features the coach’s face in 3-D. Owner Kelly Dawes said they are anxiously awaiting Drake’s decision.

    “I think everyone is pretty confident that Urban is going to be back coaching this year. We are just keeping our fingers crossed. Everybody is pretty hopeful about that.”

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