Florida police officer seen giving white supremacist a fist bump in video

    Boca Raton police officer seen giving white supremacist a fist bump in video (WPEC)

    A viral video is putting the Boca Raton Police Department on blast.

    The video, which has thousands of comments and was shared more than 400,000 times, shows a man holding a sign that says "Jews rape kids" in Boca Raton.

    In the video, the officer gives the self-proclaimed white supremacist a fist bump.

    The Boca Police say that the officer in that video does not condone the message.

    They say he was just trying to get the man holding the sign to cooperate.

    The Vocativ video shows Patrick Little, a white supremacist, holding up a sign in Boca Raton that says the Holocaust is a lie.

    In the video, Little can be seen stomping on an Israeli flag saying "This is the sign of a terrorist country."

    The video also shows Little getting a fist bump from a Boca Raton Police officer.

    Today, the police department released body camera footage from the incident that occurred Aug. 13 on Palmetto Park Road.

    In the video, Little offered the responding officer a handshake and was given a fist bump instead.

    Questions have been raised as to why the 22 year-old man who ripped up the sign was arrested while Little walked free.

    According to the police report, Little says he was trying to bring awareness to child sex crimes in Israel when Carlos Reyes ripped the sign out of his hands.

    The police report says Reyes told officers he did not agree with Little's messages and that his anger got the best of him.

    The police report does not say Reyes physically harmed Little.

    Reyes has been charged with simple battery and criminal mischief.

    CBS 12 News reached out to Little for comment.

    He says he is running for president in 2020, charges for interviews, and charges extra if the reporter is Jewish.

    CBS 12 News did not interview him.

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