New dangerous viral challenge has teens snorting condoms

Condom snorting challenge. (Photo: MGN)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KUTV) - Following the recent "Tide Pod Challenge," which inspired teenagers to attempt to eat Tide Pods, a dangerous fad has reemerged in its wake.

Young people are posting videos of themselves snorting condoms and inhaling them until they hopefully reemerge out of their mouths.

Condom snorting has become the latest dangerous trend to hit the internet, and it poses just as much of a health risk as attempting to eat Tide Pods.

"You are literally putting something down your nose, which connects to your mouth, which connects to your trachea," Dr. Ammar Ali, an emergency room physician at Beaumont Health, told CBS Detroit, as reported by CBS News. "I mean, you are risking choking on it."

According to Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, inhalation of a condom can lead to infection, CBS reports. It could even become stuck, causing one to choke.

"The nasal passages and sinuses have special cells that can be damaged if objects such as condoms are placed in them, potentially leading to a bacterial or fungal infection," he told CBS News.

Glatter also pointed out a 2004 report that was published in The Indian Journal of Chest Disease & Allied Sciences. The document details the case of a woman who inhaled a condom by accident while performing oral sex. The woman suffered pneumonia and a partial lung collapse as a result.

Another case from 2006 documents a woman who accidentally swallowed a condom during oral sex, which led to appendicitis after a piece of it became lodged in her appendix.

"Even if you successfully complete the challenge and pull the condom out of your mouth, the bottom line is that it's incredibly irritating and a good chance it will wreak havoc on your sinuses, nasal passages, and upper airway," Glatter said, as reported by CBS News. "These should be reason enough to discourage you from attempting this dangerous challenge."

The condom snorting challenge has existed since at least 2011, though it became more widespread for part of 2014.

This recent reemergence comes in the wake of several other dangerous viral trends, the most notorious of which is the Tide Pod Challenge, which has poisoned at least fifty people nationwide.

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