Michigan releases breakdown of taxpayer money spent on Flint water crisis so far

The Michigan taxpayers have paid $28 Million in responding to the Flint water crisis. Millions more on the way. How is that money being spent? (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/ NBC 25)

FLINT, Mich. (WEYI) -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared an emergency in the City of Flint over lead on the water on Jan. 5, 2016. That declaration opened the door for millions of dollars in state aid to come to the city.

So far, $28 million has been spent on the response, with hundreds of millions more possibly on the way. State of Michigan Budget Director John Roberts keeps tabs on the money going out, and what agencies it's going to. He says it's a massive undertaking.


"The immediate phase is by far the most expensive. We have to pay for a lot of expenses up front, and most of those expenses will cover the rest of the year. We are trying to get everything done as fast as we can to get relief to the residents of Flint. But we also have to make sure we follow the proper protocols to make sure the money is accounted for," Roberts says.

Roberts says approximately $68 million has been allocated to the city since the declaration. So far $28 million has been spent, with another $30 million promised to provide relief to water customers which is expected to happen in the next month.

"Clearly no one is going to breathe a sigh of relief, either in Flint or Lansing, until there is safe water," Roberts says.

What agencies have received the largest portion so far, and what have they spent it on? The answer is in the documents below.

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