BODY CAM: Suspect attempts to swim away from officers following pursuit

    Body camera footage shows the end of a pursuit May 7 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

    Police have released body camera footage of the end of a pursuit, showing one man attempting to flee arrest by swimming in the Oklahoma River.

    The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that Travis Brown, 46, and Jeremy Diel, 36, were both arrested May 7. Reports show that at approximately 7:45 p.m. that day officers attempted to pull over a vehicle for traffic violations near Meridian and SW 15 Street.

    As soon as police engaged their emergency lights, the vehicle increased speed. The vehicle eventually turned north off of SW 15 Street and jumped a curb. When jumping the curb, all of the vehicle's tires flattened.

    Police followed the vehicle as it traveled south along the Oklahoma River. At one point the vehicle stopped and officers saw several items being thrown into the water.

    The vehicle then drove off and came to a stop at a boat ramp. The driver then jumped into the river and began attempting to swim away. Police say the passenger, Diel, surrendered after the vehicle came to a stop.

    An officer followed the driver, later identified as Brown, along the river until he became tired and swam to shore. Police allegedly found the bags thrown into the river. In the bags were several hundred grams of methamphetamine.

    Police said they are limited on what they can do in these situations. They will not immediately go into the water after a suspect. To do that, it would require taking their gear off which could get stolen. Also, they aren't sure if the suspect planned to do something to the officer once they got in the water.

    Both Brown and Diel had a large amount of cash in their pockets.

    Brown was arrested on complaints of eluding an officer, aggravated trafficking of a CDS (meth) and possession of drug proceeds. Diel faces complaints of aggravated trafficking of a CDS (meth) and possession of drug proceeds.

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