Wildlife officer removes plastic ring stuck around deer's head

The deer is now roaming free. (Courtesy: California Department of Fish and Wildlife)

A deer that had a plastic chicken feeder stuck around its neck is now freed.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Service says Wildlife Biologist Tim Kroeker was able to tranquilize the deer so he could remove the plastic feeder.

“It was pretty uneventful,” Tim said. “The deer was in pretty good shape.”

One neighbor Melanie Dimoree who saw the deer three different times says it was wearing the huge plastic like a collar for a week.

Dimoree says deer are a common sight in the neighborhood. Wednesday she decided to call State Fish and Wildlife for help.

Officer Tim Kroeker has rescued several deer in the past eight years but there was a sense of urgency in this case.

"It could get hung up on a tree and stuck and not be able to get loose and just exhaust itself and die because it's frantically trying to get away."

Officer Kroeker drove around the neighborhood until dark in search of the deer in distress. He says shooting it with a tranquilizer dart will do the trick.

"Once we have a dart on the animal we'll wait a few minutes. It will lay down and we'll be able to help it out without risking it would hurt itself more."

The deer was spotted Thursday by Officer Kroeker. It is now roaming free once again.

Officer Kroeker stresses that local homeowners in deer country should keep their yards tidy and their bird and livestock feeders out of reach of deer and other wildlife.

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